Fern Creek Landscaping

This could be Anything from ripping out sod and then installing new sod also ripping out full Landscapes and Installing a complete new design. Your outdoor area should feel like a natural extension of your home. Through professionally designed landscapes, you can create a beautiful outdoor area that ties together your house exterior with your interior. The team of Fern Creek Landscaping is expert and these professional landscapers will help you create and manage maintenance goals to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful all year round.

From site work to custom brick and stone masonry, We can install your project with its own talented artisans and quality landscaping equipment. Using our extensive knowledge of soils, plants, landscape materials, and construction techniques, we are well qualified for any size project. Landscaping In Fern Creek employ all our resources to achieve the best possible results, no matter the scale. In summary, all landscapers are not offering you the same product. As in most products you purchase, you usually get what you pay for.

Fern Creek Landscaping.jpg

Joes Lawn care is licensed and insured. We offer a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise Why pay the same price elsewhere and receive half of the service? Call us at 502-594-9459 or fill out our simple contact form to receive a free consultation and quote. Also, feel free to email us anytime! Also feel free to text us at: 502-594-9459 for an immediate reply, the goal of Fern Creek Landscaping is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations Not all lawn care companies are equal and you will immediately realize that once you experience our lawn care work, skills and top shelf customer service.


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